November’s local jewelry designer: Laurel O’Brien

In the spirit of giving thanks this November, The Art and Found would like to celebrate one of its local designers: Laurel O’Brien, who crafts one of our main jewelry brands for the store.

Originally from Trumansburg, Laurel has been making jewelry and other artistic creations since she was a child, and decided to get her BFA in metal-smith arts from SUNY New Paltz.

Her pieces carry a raw and rustic appeal, and definitely reflect elements of the earth around us.  Looking through her Etsy, I really appreciated how she photographs her pieces on nature’s accessories: stones, lake-views, and other creative placements on the earth.  Her pieces blended in as if from nature’s hands.

“I find so much inspiring, especially all the small and exquisite details in the world… a perfect little leaf, smooth slate stones, my favorite coffee spoon…. The materials themselves are also really important. For me just playing with stones or metal and seeing what works together is a process I find really creative.”

The Art and Found seeks out designers that pay special attention to sustainability.  For us, finding local designers is the highest form of respecting the earth, and our local economy.  It’s also pleasurable to find local artists who craft with natural materials. Most of Laurel’s work is mixed with metals and natural stones. Some pieces are oxidized to give the look of metal in its raw, untamed, state.  O’Brien also strives to work with suppliers that are sustainable in their practices as well, along with using packaging that is eco-safe and made from recycled materials.

We are very grateful to include Laurel in our store’s collection.  She has been a very popular present choice for customers, along with repeat customers coming in to stock up on more pieces to adorn their styles with! We consider Laurel part of The Art and Found Family, and plan to see a lot more of her work for years to come.

Stop by The Art and Found to check out some of her newest Terrarium collections: Finger-lakes Moss that is self-maintaining, housed in lovely glass jars of varying sizes, and in addition: small apothecary-sized terrariums on cordage to be worn close to the heart!

If you are not local to the Ithaca area feel free to shop Laurel’s collection on Etsy:

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